Important Notes:

From 2000-2018, the assessment was set at 50 cents per acre. In 2019, the KCWP was no longer able to continue working with that same budget and the assessment was raised, for the first time in 19 years, to 76 cents per acre.

At this point, the Boards of Cascade Irrigation District and Ellensburg Water Company decided to end their participation in this voluntary program.

If you are a customer of either of these districts, we can no longer provide service to you unless you choose to join the KCWP as an individual. Please contact the KRD for more information.
Q: Who's paying for all this?
Participating irrigation districts, irrigation companies, and individuals make a contribution of 76 cents per acre of land in their service area.

Q: Is it working?
YES! Water quality continues to improve, and state agencies such as Ecology point to us as a model for other areas also in need of improvements.

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